Topfollow App Letest Version Download | Real Instagram Followers [Free Crystals]

Are you thinking of getting thousands of free followers with the topfollow app? If yes, as you know, to be a popular on Instagram is not easy.It is possible through this application, Lets read the article.

There are some ways by which we can easily grow our Instagram account from scratch, but those methods will give you results, but it may take some time, Besides, some ways can show you instant results.

I know everyone wants to choose easy way to gain fam which is only possible through topfollow application.

Besides this many website and application provides fake Followers which get dropped after some days you get disappointed all your efforts get lost.

In today’s article, I shall tell you about the topfollow app that will help you increase followers immediately.

The special thing about top follow app is, you do not need to login your real account to get followers, and the name of that app is topfollow.

According to the, more than 8+ million people are using the topfollow app, and I have also used this application and has increased 250K just in 2 month but so far, my Instagram account is safe. 

There is no risk to use the application.Now there are some steps.

What Is Topfollow App?

Top Follow is an android app designed for those who need real non-droppable instagram Followers and who want to grow their Instagram account from zero followers.

If you are also among them, this application can prove beneficial for you too. 8+ million people have already downloaded the topfollow latest app.This application also provides a telegram channel which provides promotion code and app related information.

I am suggesting top follow this is because it provides very fast order of Followers just in secs or a maximum one minute your order has been completed safely.And even ,your friend won’t recognise the follower is real or fake because it provides only real non-dropping Followers.

Is Topfollow App Safe?

Yes, this application is 100 percent safe to use because Instagram never tell us to use third party application it violates Instagram policy but even many people as well as I also use but nothing happen so It’s safe to use.

Some Features Which makes this app Better.

1.Reference Code.It provides reference code which gives 500 coins free by using any person reference code in a reference section.

2. Promotion code.It provides 2 or 3 promotion code in a week,per code gives you 700 free coins without any tasks easily.

How To Download Topfollow App?

For Downloading the app you have to click on the download button given below conclusion.

How To Use Topfollow App?

1.First of all, you have to open the downloaded top follow app, and then the login page of Instagram will open in front of you.

Now here you have to enter the username and password of your fake Instagram account.As given below.

2.Now ,app will open and in the corner of the app you will see Start button click on below in figure…

topfollow app version 3.8

3. For free coins ,I mean to use promotion code click on codes or free coins button which is on top of the app.As given below in figure.

 topfollow app refferal code

4. Now It’s time to get your Followers or like on your, Go to order section button which is left corner of the apk as shown in figure below.

Topfollow App Version 3.8 Download

Here you have to select your order acording to coin you have.

Topfollow App Version 3.8 Download


As I have provided a easy information about this app above and I think you have read this article carefully.So you have understand that this app is how much helpful for you or to use.

If you are a new Instagram user, the topfollow app can give you thousands of followers in a day, but it all depends on the coins. 

If you collect 8000+ coins in the top follow android app. So you can get 1000+ real followers instantly from here.

It is possible to collect 4000+ coins easily, because here you do not need to collect coins manually. 

All the process of collecting coins in the TopFollow App is automatic.

At last I will say that there is no risk to use the application but don’t forget this, instagram never allow to use such a third party application it breaks instagram community guidelines rules.So use the app on your risk.

Any problem comment we shall try to respond as soon as possible.Thank you.

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