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Have you ever felt that you need more followers on Instagram? the truth is that everybody wants to be famous. Everyone wants to be popular among their friend groups. Now this is a common way of thinking about followers.

But what if you are an Influencer Or any business or brand, then having more followers is not just a wish but a necessary. Then having more followers is not just a wish but a necessity. Having more followers on your account is important to attract more followers, and here this site comes into play, this is the only website where you can get free Instagram followers.In this article, we will understand why getting more followers on Instagram is important and how you can get them.

Benefits of getting followers

If you see any account which has more followers, you will automatically put interest on that you will follow this account. no matter how but it’s fact. You’ll need months or years of consistent work to reach the point where people actually follow you. All this would be true if you take any chances now and make decisions. The number of followers matters a lot, that’s why many people use third-party websites to buy followers. But you can get free followers without any money. This site provides you with free followers.

We have to make our account public to increase followers?

Yes, if you want more followers, you have to make your account public. We Have to identify and verify whether this is your account or not. In our opinion, you should keep your account public, so that the user can follow you without using the following request. A lot of times when a user can’t see your profile or post then the user does not give interest in following you. That’s why you need to get a public account to get free Instagram followers as well as original followers.

Which is the best website for free followers?

There are many websites on the Internet. Although they are not genuine, we will present you a site from which you can increase your followers. This site is one of the best sites to achieve followers within a minutes

What is the Name of this site?

I am goin to tell you the site name, but at first you have to read carefully. So this site’s name is bigtkip It’s a third-party application where you can increase your followers. Also there is no coin system. Also you can get free instagram followers to increase your followers on it. As increasing free instagram followers, Bigtkip will take no long time, to follow. So if you want to increase free followers on your instagram account, use these followers as well as learn how to use this Bigtkip website , then keep reading

Is this site safe for user?

Guys don’t worry about that, because its 100% safe to use it. You will not ask for any kind of money or your personal details in this. It will not show you any ads, nor surveys also. You don’t have to worry about unfollowing someone, you can get followers in just one click and lay down and be assured of good quality service that we provide, so this site is safe and very simple to use.

Many apps and websites promise you free instagram likes and followers, however, most of them are either frauds or fakes. But bigtkip is safe and people are using this without any problem.

How many followers can I get in a day?

You can get 15 followers in a day from this site. After placing an order for followers, your followers will be sent to your account in less time.

How to use this site.

Besides being easy and simple to use. Let us learn how to use this website step by step so that you can understand it

Step 1

You have to click on the redirect button.


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Step 2

After clicking that it will open like this and click on select language and select in english.


Step 3

Then you have to click on “Login With Instagram” Button.


Step 4

Again here you have to click on select language and make it english and login with a fake id, do not use your real id for your safety purpose.


Step 5

Here you have to scroll and click on get followers, i am going through that you can choose any other.


Step 6

After that use your real instagram username and click on find user.


Step 7

And the last step you click on start and wait for a minute and you will get your follower in a very easy way.



We hope that you can understand the process It’s very simple and easy to use there is nothing to worry about. You only have to create a fake id and login for your real account safety, otherwise it’s ok. So if you have any problem then comment on us, we will help you several times. Now i am ending my article. Bye bye and take care

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