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Friends in today’s article i am going to tell you, how to increase likes and followers on instagram. As you all know, Instagram has become very popular in today’s time. Every person wants to make a good fan following on their Instagram, if you are also in this category, then you have to know about the trick.

Friends it’s a very cool trick, It works very well and we will tell you about this trick in full details, so stay tuned with this article,

So instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms, then other. People spend time on instagram, by watching reels and some people try to become famous through it. But having more followers on your account is important to attract people.

So people pay more attention to their followers, but it’s harder to get followers now, because billions of people are using instagram every day, and many new people are signing and posting photos or reels every day.

But we will provide you a site from which you can increase your followers very fast, this site which you will get to know is really easy to use and safe. Let us know more about this website in detail.

What is the name of this site?

We are going to tell you the name, but at first you have to read the article till the end, so we are going to tell you the name without any delay. So the name of the site is Tikipfun . This site will help you to boost your instagram profile in a very short time and you don’t have to pay for it.

Many people have used this site, and by using it they increase lots of followers. There is no doubt for both followers. All the followers which you will get hundred percent real and active. We have tested it before it launched. So it’s safe and useful .

Does this site only give followers?

Now the topic is does this site only give followers, then let me surprise you that this site will increase your likes, comment and views including followers. So you can increase anything related to instagram through this site. You will know more about this site. Only you just have to follow the article till last.

Benefits of using Tikipfun Site

1. You can increase your followers, likes, views and comments instantly and it will be delivered very fast

2. You don’t have to pay any charge while using it. So there is no doubt about money

3. You do not even need to deposit any coins here, without coins you are going to get followers from here. So you don’t have to worry about collecting coins. You will not have to do any task in this site

4. While using you will not face any problem, no ads and survey will ask you. Your personal details will be safe while using this site.

5. Here only you have to create a fake account once for login and you do not login with your real account otherwise your account will be banned so use a fake id while using.

How to use this site

This site is very easy to use, you don’t need any technical skill or coding knowledge while using this site, only you have to read this article properly, without skipping.

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Step 1

At first you have to click on the link, which is given the above conclusion.

Step 2

After clicking the link, the interface will open like this and here you have to click Login with instagram.


Step 3

Then here you have to select a language in english.


Step 4

And then you have to login with your fake account, we have told you above that, do not use your real instagram id because the third-party will ban you, so create a fake account at first.


Step 5

Then after login you have to scroll down and here you have to select any one of them, which one you want to increase.


Step 6

And here you have to type your real user id and click on find user.


Step 7

You can see that, this site will give you 15 followers once a day, here you have to click on Start.


Step 8

Then you have to wait for a while and you can see that your followers are increasing. You can increase 15 more followers by logging into another account.



comment below how much you like this, we hope this site will help you a lot, you can use the site very easily because this site is simple like water. But if you have any doubt then comment us below.

So now we will end this article and again we will meet you soon in another article. Share this article to your friends and family, till now best of luck to your future and have a good day, bye bye guys.

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